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Hi i just had an interview in Toronto canada for my first H1-B after master and got a 221 - G yellow slip.

the VO said it would take a month for admin processing. Does it really take one month. did anyone fall in the same boat ?


please advise ? 

Hi justin, 

my interview date was 11-sept-2013

case created date: 11-sept-2013

case update date: 11-sept-2013

ceac not update my case from the date of interview/created 

waiting for email/update


VO took: I797A original and resume. chinese guy. told me 4-6 weeks. 


email me @ *************.....google's email (gmail) ....... if the id is blocked then remove ************ and gmail 

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Here are the questions i was asked today  25th Sept for the interview in Toronto.. I already have a H1-B and this is my Extension H1B. this is the first time i am coming for stamping after i got my Student visa back 5 years ago.


VO: Good morning

Me: Good morning


VO: Why are you going to the US?

Me: I am working there


VO: Do you have H1B?

Me: Yes


VO: How long you have been working?

Me: X years


VO: Is it for the same petitioner?

Me: Yes


VO: Did you do your masters?

Me: Yes


VO: What is your specialization?



VO: What did you do your thesis in?



VO: Do you have tax returns from the past 3 years?

Me: Yes and gave him the 3 years


VO: Gave me a 221-g Yellow Slip, Kept my passport and said we need to do some checking, we will get back to you in couple of days. Is it okay, if i keep the 2012 tax returns

Me: Sure, thats fine. Thank you and left with the 221 G Yellow slip..




Now, i have a question from the people who have experience and who can help, What does it mean when the VO gives a 221G-Yellow slip marked Admin processing? And he kept my passport, so when can i expect an answer or response? Where should i check for the response/status?


Please advise.


Thanks in advance.

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@Visa member: if VO took your passport then you will get your visa sooner than the case where your passport is handed back to you.

go to CEAC where you can check the status of your case using the confirmation# you got on DS confirmation page


i will update my profile to reflect my email id.... maybe we can meetup sometime ?


remove the "underscore" in my user id and write to gmail 

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Hi im at downtown toronto , near bay street.

Guys any update on your statuses. do you know from any of your friends what would be the duration.

No update as of yet. Status update is still showing as 11sept only. I did some research and found that people who got 221g in week of August 20th are getting cleared now... So I guess couple of weeks more for me.

Can you post your question on here? Are fulltime? What documents did the VO take?

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Update maoerlian2000 H1 New ShangHai Biology Clear 2013-08-09 2013-09-23 45 detail

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Update Dunxing H1 New BeiJing Software Engineer Clear 2013-08-13 2013-09-25 43 detail

Update tony H1 New ShangHai CS Clear 2013-08-05 2013-09-20 46 detail

Update leeyan H1 New ShangHai immunology Clear 2013-08-15 2013-09-25 41 detail

Update Citic H1 New ShangHai EE Clear 2013-07-02 2013-09-23 83 detail

Update bwj H1 Renewal Europe MSE Clear 2013-08-12 2013-09-23 42 detail

Update starsdong H1 Renewal BeiJing Physics Clear 2013-08-20 2013-09-26 37 detail

Update joey H1 New GuangZhou EE Clear 2013-08-07 2013-09-23 47 detail

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The VO took my resume and i797. really so it takes more than a month . woow. no other hope i guess. where did you find out that people in aug 20th are getting now ?


its been more than 2 weeks for me waiting for an update...... i have read some threads in this forum and found some very useful information... from snoopreddy post (he was also in a similar situation) ..i found a chinese website ..... ************ where people update their cases ( i am in no means promoting this website) ... it gives you a general idea how the trend is so we can have an guestimate :) 


do you have friends/relatives here in Canada? 

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man those numbers are ridiculous, that long !

welcome to admin processing lol ... keeping the laughter aside...dude i can understand the frustration you have. i had the same feeling on the day i got the 221g yellow and 2 days after that. then i did some research and found that there is nothing one can do about this, except to wait. wait here or go back to india and wait. you cannot go back to US without a valid US visa in the passport. thats the reality

there are cases where people have had letters from Senator to consulate and still took month and a half to get resolved. good news is its a little faster now (meaning its not taking 2 months but close to a month +/-1 week) 

so relax for the weekend and understand the reality. i am not discouraging you by any means... maybe your case is different maybe yours will get approved before all others' but i think there will be some kind of sequence atleast for same kind of visa... F1s are given first priority - luckily this is not a peak time for F1 visas so be patient and hang in there! 


hope all our cases get resolved fast....sooner the better.


if you wanna talk sometime to vent the frustration then email me and we can meet up in the weekend and talk 

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@kalyan - do you have any batch no on your 221g. do you know what that means ?

@Justin - yes i have a batch# on my 221g...i have no idea what it means... i did some search but find nothing...but i am sure its for some use ..... apparently the consulates in india are publishing some info with this batch# for cases in india...but nothing of such thing is being done at toronto... 


my case status:

created: 11 September 2013

update: 11 September 2013


no update yet, not even the status date is updated......any update on your case?


btw, do you have a batch# on yours? you got a yellow right?

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@ justin9 - in one of your posts i read a reply of yours which made me tensed .... i remember its you but if i'm mistaken then i'm sorry ...but what i read was " nobody in Toronto got an email yet to submit their passport" ...so i did some research on this forum and on the other website where there are dates and can be tracked by actual dates ( i am not promoting this website) ...but here is what i found in murthy.com forum http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/57059-h1b-stamping-toronto-may-1-administrative-processing-221g-yellow/


on the other resource there isnt much detail on the point if the passport was taken by consulate or given back to candidate....


anyways, the bottomline is we will be asked to submit the passport - when?? the answer only the consulate know who will not tell us :)

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here is my compilation for 221Gs at Toronto fro this forum:


Profile ID City 221G Color Interview date Case Completion date Passport with VO/Candidate Wait time Comments univer959595 Toronto Yellow 8/8/2013 9/18/2013 Candidate 41 http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/63116-221g-green-in-toronto-july-29/ Earnest Toronto Green 7/29/2013 unknown Candidate #VALUE! http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/63116-221g-green-in-toronto-july-29/ justin9 Toronto Yellow 9/25/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/64076-h1-b-221g-toronto-canada/ Visa member Toronto Yellow 9/25/2013 9/27/2013 VO 2   saladin2012 Toronto Yellow 5/1/2013 9/4/2013 Candidate 126 http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/57059-h1b-stamping-toronto-may-1-administrative-processing-221g-yellow/ amirferoz Toronto Yellow 3/18/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! B1/B2
            0               0               0               0               0               0               0               0  


I have copied and pasted the excel table....hopefully this shows up! 

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