Travel with old passport with stamped visa and new passport


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I have an approved I797 valid thru June 05 2020. My India passport has stamped H1B visa with the same validity date as I797. The passport expires on July 27 2020. I have an India trip coming up in Mar 2020 with a planned return date as April 4th 2020.

While entering into the US or leaving from India, will there be an issue considering the fact that my passport and visa expire after 3.5 months and 2 months respectively after US re-entry date? Somewhere I read that the passport should be valid for at least 6 months after US entry/re-entry date.

If yes, what is the best way to handle the situation? I have to visit India in March 2020 at any cost.

Should I apply for my new passport now and get it stamped again? Or can I travel with both passports? Old passport (with H1B stamped visa) and new passport showing the validity of more than 6 months.

The H1B visa extension will be in processing or be initiated during Mar 2020 by my employer.

Please advise how to manage my travel plan without any hassles.

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I feel its not an issue. You may say you will apply for passport. I am not sure till when they will give you I94. March 2020 is quiet some time. You need 1.5 months to get indian passport renewed in USA. Start the process. better get new extended passport.

Once you get new passport no need for you to go for H1B stamping. You just need to carry old passport which has H1B visa stamped and new passport.

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Apply for a new passport ASAP and you can use that to travel. You can use the visa on your old passport as long as its valid, just carry both passports. 

You should get your new passport in 6-8 weeks typically. Next year you will have H1 extension and travel, why do you want to add one more thing to worry about to the list. 

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