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  1. pontevecchio

    H1B General - reactivate my h1b

    You are entitled to 4.8 years in noncap H1 status. You need to find an H1 sponsor to file for you.
  2. You should ask for help from your US Federal Senator's Office.
  3. Technically, you show Immigration Intent when you file AOS at the appropriate time. I just saw If you want to discuss the matter with the firm of Murthy, give them a call. A forum is no substitute.
  4. pontevecchio

    Options for employment while waiting for EAD.

    That process also takes time and you should be getting your EAD soon. Look up the requirements for renewal and renew at the earliest possible date so that there is no gap next time. Yes, You can have an employer file the papers for the E3 visa and leave and return with the visa assuming that is your main question. But with the issue of COVID and travel difficulties, you may be better off waiting for the EAD.
  5. Processing Times (uscis.gov) look Up TEXAS. It seems 2-4 months.
  6. pontevecchio

    Did not hear after rescheduling my appointment

    There is an 800 number which you can call. Lookup any ASC website and you will get it. Have you also registered for a USCIS account?
  7. pontevecchio

    H4 with DUI conviction

    Under the circumstances, you should discuss your situation with a US Immigration Lawyer.
  8. Have you filed for AOS and do you have the receipt?
  9. pontevecchio

    H1B filing

    your post is not very clear. A new H1 petition can only be filed on April,1 onwards.
  10. You will need a valid visa and the approved H1 petition extension to return.
  11. pontevecchio

    N600 OR N400

    Have a look at Chapter 4 - Automatic Acquisition of Citizenship after Birth (INA 320) | USCIS She can apply for a US Passport which is certain proof of citizenship.
  12. Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) | USCIS Read the above page fully. It would not be an issue.
  13. pontevecchio

    Multiple jobs on Green Card

    The GC gives you unrestricted work authorization. you would seem to be fine.
  14. discuss the matter with a lawyer for suitable guidance.
  15. B can file and get an H1 non-cap petition approved and you would then need an H1 visa stamp to return.