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  1. gopalakrishnach

    Change of Employer after I-140 Approval from India

    What are the options available for me to go back to US? -- New H1B approval and stamping. Since I-140 approved H1B can be applied anytime of the year...
  2. gopalakrishnach

    Want to return to US on H1B, I-140 approved

    If your I-140 is approved and active any employer can apply for H1B anytime during the year. After getting approved you need to get H1B visa stamped and come to India...
  3. gopalakrishnach

    Query on Visa appointment cancelation and future options

    Can I apply for a visa interview in Mexico or another country , is this a viable option. --- if allowed you can but you will loss fee that you paid for India interview...
  4. gopalakrishnach

    Am i eligible for dropbox Or Inperson interview

    Even eligible for drop box.. they may try to call you for in-person. Thats normal now-a-days. Plan accordingly..
  5. gopalakrishnach

    h1b visa stamping, patronizing a prostitute

    Just plan accordingly and be prepared to face 221G.. sorry to say but you need to plan for that also....
  6. gopalakrishnach

    Is my h1 valid for 6 years without 1st stamping.

    I worked for approximately 5 months on h1 status as of now. ... you can apply for H1B anytime during the year to get 6 years - 5months..
  7. As usual just post when you are in trouble waters. I wish you could have provided more details on how exactly interview went so that we can have better in-sights and it will help others in similar situation Seeinf few other posts here, I feel my belief is even more stronger that in India people are attending visa interviews. Now, back to your question. does anyone know why my passport being returned - in 221G cases this is normal. They feel it might take more time to get 221G resolved. Just wait and watch.
  8. gopalakrishnach

    First Time H1B visa - 221g white form

    Thank you very much for your detailed post and I really appreciate this. This post is valuable too many are in similar situation.
  9. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Petition Validaity

    Better apply new H1B petition 6 months before. Lets see what others say..
  10. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Lottery 2021 form I-1797C DOB Wrong

    Your employer needs to do everything since it is their application not yours...
  11. gopalakrishnach

    How early can I file for H1B transfer

    I feel employer A must file and get it apporved and you need to work for employer A atleast a month or 2 to activate your H1B and then you can do transfer.
  12. gopalakrishnach

    Employer name in DS-160 US Visa

    I guess your employer/immigration team can help you. I feel better to give whatever is on H1B approval notice.
  13. Since you will be back in July 2021 I feel you can use I797 Extension Approved - Aug 2021 to Aug 2024 . Lets see what others say...
  14. gopalakrishnach

    498A in India, Need to go for stamping

    I feel Yes and give full details. Lets see what others say...
  15. gopalakrishnach

    Domestic Voilence to Battery ,H1B Stamping

    By Above Scenario Will i get Stamping ? --- hard road ahead. You might get after 221G. Your case is complicated...