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  1. Company A attorney is right. You can continue working for Company A.
  2. Its better you come back to the US and then apply for the transfer.
  3. A valid Canada visa is sufficient to enter Mexico now.
  4. It's just like you file for an extension. Inform your attorney when they file for your extension. They will also file for the H4 extension. Once that's filed, you can withdraw the current H4 application.
  5. rohit369

    H4 Stamping on H1B receipt number

    Going out of the country and returning on H4 is the fastest way to change the status. You can fill in the application for your wife's H4 based on your petition. Just that withdraw the H4 application that you have applied here after you leave the country. Your H4EAD application won't be affected since its separate.
  6. You should have informed your attorney while you are transferring your H1. They would have filed even for your wife H4 transfer & extension. I suggest you contact your attorney and get the clarification at the earliest. You still have time to make changes before you go on vacation.
  7. rohit369

    COS (H4 to H1) filed and H4 filed

    Keep both the process going. If H4 to H1 gets approved before your H4 gets approved. Then withdraw H4. If H4 gets approved before H4 to H1 COS, then when H4 to H1 COS gets approved...your already approved H4 will anyways go away. This will you will cover things in all aspects. Contact your attorney and explain the situation to take their opinion too.
  8. rohit369

    H1b transfer and visa stamping

    I suggest you go to Mexico at the earliest and get your visa stamped (hope this is not your first visa stamp) while you are with your current employer. This is because you have all your paperwork in place with your current employer. The visa process becomes easy. You can make a trip to India during the shutdown and come back and gracefully quit. You will remove a lot of ambiguity in the process.
  9. Employer B can apply for your transfer based on the approved I140. You need not go through employer A. You will need a copy of that approved I140 for filing the transfer.
  10. rohit369

    H1b final year and i140

    They wont give. Its employer's property. You can request them to provide a scanned copy quoting that you need it for your records. You can file a request in FOIA.
  11. rohit369

    URGENT: Query regarding VIsa stamping in India

    Yes, there won't be any issues. Go to India and get it stamped.
  12. rohit369

    Where to go for H1b Visa Stamping

    Tijuana, Mexico if you stay in California or nearby. Its easy and cheap.
  13. Switching will take a long time. You may request your employer explaining your situation to keep you for couple of months hoping the PD will become current.
  14. Just talk to your current company attorney and explain the situation. It may be a mistake on their end too while filing.
  15. rohit369

    Approved 140

    I think the PERM is valid for 6 months only. You have to file for I-140 & get it approved to lock the priority date. You may have missed the train long back. Check with your attorney once.