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I am looking for an advice on below situation:


I currently work for Company A in India.

Employer B in US -> initiated my H1B and got picked up in lottery, the petition was filed. When i see online in USCIS https://egov.uscis.gov/ , it shows that my petition is approved.


However, Employer A in India is interested in transferring my approved H1B and also offering me good salary. I would like to know:


- Is it possible to initiate H1B transfer from Company B to Company A as my petition is now approved? Please note, i do no t have any pay slips as i never entered US so far. 


- If transfer is possible, then is Approval letter mandatory for transfer? my employer B is asking me to sign offer letter and only then approval letter will be issued to me so that I can do visa stamping from India. Since I am interested in continuing with Employer A, I do not want to sign offer letter with Employer B to avoid any legal obligation. In that case, can I get my H1B transferred to Employer A? How?


- Also, is there any legal obligation in case I do not join Employer B as he initiated my H1B?



Note : - I have receipt petition letter from Employer B which is pre-stage of approval letter .

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