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  1. adshah84

    Is H4 Extension required if H4 I-94 is valid ?

    Q1 - Do we still need to apply for H4 extension ( I539 ) for her and get her I-797 ? - No need Q2 - Can she apply for H4 EAD renewal with online I-94 which is expiring in 2024 ? - Yes Q3 - Does the state provide driving license with valid online I-94 record ? - Yes
  2. adshah84

    Master Degree's Cap H1B Visa

    If your MS is from "For Profit" you are not eligible for Master's quota.
  3. adshah84

    Situation of a good friend -

    You are eligible for Cap-exempt H1b
  4. No it's not possible. You have to start working with original petitioner before transferring to new employer
  5. adshah84

    Stamping Inquiy

    no you don't. You can enter before Mid June with your existing Visa.
  6. adshah84

    H1b Consular processing with existing Stamp

    You can use your existing stamping to enter USA prior to Sep 2021
  7. No but you will have to file amendment to join new client.
  8. I am sorry for your loss. She can not travel on H4? what is the travel need? She can try B1/B2
  9. adshah84

    H1B Visa stamping in Canada.

    Yes you can file change of status.
  10. You have not mentioned two important dates. Last day of H1b employment and when you filed your H4. Without that no one can answer. Please provide ll the details if you seek help.
  11. You left with 9 months of H1b which you can use. If you you will apply for new H1b next year and if it will be selected in lottery you will get 6 years.
  12. yes you can do that.
  13. you can provide copy of your approved I797.
  14. adshah84

    H1B Amendment impacted due to pandemic

    Need more details. But looks like you are not in the USA and in that case there is no timeline. You can leek working from out side of USA.
  15. adshah84

    Consular to COS, Currently on STEM_OPT

    apply in PP for COS. Looks like that's only safe option as of now.
  16. adshah84

    Am i eligible for dropbox Or Inperson interview

    you should be eligible for Drop box.
  17. adshah84

    H1B transfer before Sep/ Oct 2021

    1. No 2. If you are not planning to join Company B, ask them not to file the application. If it will be approve you will automatically be on H1b from Oct 1 and your OPT is gone for ever.
  18. adshah84

    How early can I file for H1B transfer

    You have to start working on H1b with employer A to transfer it to B.
  19. Is he selected in lottery for fiscal year 2022?
  20. adshah84

    H1B Early Arrival 2 months before Joining date

    You can not stay in use on H1b without getting paid.
  21. adshah84

    H1B visa stamping without I-797B copy

    No you can not. you need original I1797B for stamping.
  22. yes you can. make sure you carry pay stubs as well of new company.
  23. adshah84

    H1B Transfer from Non profit to profit

    No you can not.
  24. adshah84

    Need help on H4 stay

    240 days rule does not apply to H4. She can stay.