H1B Revoked, Left Country, New H1B under 85K Quota ?


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I worked on H1B for 4 Years. Resigned my Job and left to India. My H1B is revoked by employer. If I need to come back, Does my petition comes under new H1B that needs to be applied on April 1st subject to CAP (or) Can I just do a transfer to another sponsoring company if I get a Job ? 




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How long ago was that?

Generally, if you have been counted for the quota and haven't used the full 6 years, you are not counted again.

H1 revocation is completely irrelevant for that. It is just an administrative thing that the employer is required to do by law if the person on H1 is no longer working there.

For you, H1 revocation is irrelevant. Forget about that stuff.

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