Multiple H1 transfer


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I am working for company A and got offer from company B, I accepted the offer and Company B initiated my H1 transfer under regular processing. Meanwhile i got an offer from company C which is really a good offer. Company C initiated
my H1 transfer in premium processing. Now company B is requesting me to join on H1 receipt.

My question - If i join company B on H1 receipt and later H1 transfer with Company C gets approved, Can i join Company C. Reason behind joining C is better job offer and its premium processing, so if it approves I can join C , if not i can continue working with Company B.

I know ethically it doesn’t sound good however my project with Company A is over and they might lay be off so I don’t want to loose my options.

Please help me out. 


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Thanks adshah84,


What if I get RFE on my transfer with Company C, will they still require me to be currently working with the company ( company A) whose documents I used to file for H1 transfer to respond to the RFE. I am just trying to understand if anything can impact my transfer with Company C.


appreciate your responses. Thanks.

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