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  1. My parents are traveling US on B1 to visit us. My dad had kidney transplantation done few years back, my mom donated her kidney to my dad. Now they are traveling to US, doctor asked my dad to get a form from Visa site where he can sign and approve for the drugs which my dad would carry to US. ( for 2 months). Doctor didnt mention what type of form it is and where it can be downloaded. Could someone please help me understand what kind of medical form it is which doctor can sign to carry specific drugs to US. Please suggest if this is the only option or there are other ways to have documentation ready for the drugs to carry. Request to please help me with this.
  2. khandoba1986

    H1 Extension with travel plans

    My H1 extension is in process and i have tentative plan of traveling outside US, I have mentioned this to my employer and they agreed to do H1 extension in premium processing. My question is - Is there any section in I129 form ( i believe this is the only form used for H1 extension) which asks for future travel outside US ( i am currently in US). My worry is if the attorney provides any such info of my future travel outside US, can it cause H1 approval with consular processing ( without I-94). This would impact me if my travel plan changes at last moment, and if the H1 is approved with consular processing it would put a compulsion on me to travel outside US and get the visa stamp. Please note - I have never been out of status. Please help me with some info here.
  3. khandoba1986

    Multiple H1 transfer

    Thanks adshah84, What if I get RFE on my transfer with Company C, will they still require me to be currently working with the company ( company A) whose documents I used to file for H1 transfer to respond to the RFE. I am just trying to understand if anything can impact my transfer with Company C. appreciate your responses. Thanks.
  4. khandoba1986

    Multiple H1 transfer

    I am working for company A and got offer from company B, I accepted the offer and Company B initiated my H1 transfer under regular processing. Meanwhile i got an offer from company C which is really a good offer. Company C initiated my H1 transfer in premium processing. Now company B is requesting me to join on H1 receipt. My question - If i join company B on H1 receipt and later H1 transfer with Company C gets approved, Can i join Company C. Reason behind joining C is better job offer and its premium processing, so if it approves I can join C , if not i can continue working with Company B. I know ethically it doesn’t sound good however my project with Company A is over and they might lay be off so I don’t want to loose my options. Please help me out.
  5. I am working as a full time for a company at office location A . My employer asked me to work from location B ( company is still the same). My pay, roles and responsibilities everything else would be same, the only thing changing here is Location. I know LCA and H1 amendment has to be filed for location change. My Question- a) Can i start working at the new location as soon as the LCA is approved. b) Do i have to wait for H1 amendment approval to start working at new location. Please suggest
  6. In my case my H1 transfer have reached the USCIS center on 20th May 2015, will they consider this for Premium processing as it made before 26th May 2015. Somewhere i read if the petition is file before 26th may and is pending till 26th may and is in premium processing then it will be converted to regular processing. Is that true ? or all the petitions which filed before 26th may but are pending will continue to go under premium processing. Please suggest .
  7. Could someone help me with answers here ?
  8. Here is the New Rule - Starting May 26, 2015, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will temporarily suspend premium processing for all H-1B Extension of Stay petitions until July 27, 2015. During this time frame, petitioners will not be able to file Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, for a Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, requesting an extension of the stay for an H-1B nonimmigrant. USCIS will continue to premium process H-1B Extension of Stay petitions filed with Form I-907 premium requests prior to May 26, 2015. Question - a) My H1 transfer petition will reach USCIS tomorrow (20th May 2015). Premium processing is suspended for H1 "transfer" as well from 26th May till June 27th OR its only for H1 extension? b) Chances of getting H1 transfer delayed due to this new rule (more then 15days) Please suggest. Thanks, Ajay
  9. khandoba1986

    Join Employer B while on Leave with Employer A

    Paid during vacation. employer A- Current company Employer B - planning to join this while taking leave from employer A If i get paid during that vacation from my current employer A and also i would be paid by my new employer B, so basically there are two payroll running on my name, wont that be an issue, for now or at the end of year during w2. (Dual employment on H1) if i am not paid during that vacation by my current employer A but will be paid by the new employer B, and if i have to go back to the old employer A (joining back due to visa denial) then will i be considered out of status because there is a period where i was not paid by the current company A but was paid by employer B whose H1 transfer got denied. Really appreciate your time on this.
  10. My wife came on H4 in Dec 2014,. a) She got employment offer from a Company and they filed her H4 to H1 ( first time H1- in cap ), her petition got picked up and is in process now. b) I am on H1 and planning to change employer, New employer has asked to do H4 extension for my wife along with my H1 transfer. c) if my new employer applied for her H4 extension, then my wife will have two petition with USCIS. 1. H4 to H1 ( will be authorized to work from Oct 2015) 2. H4 extension. Question -Generally Can her H4 extension cause any issue with her new H1 petition approval or any kind of scenario where H4 approval can make her H1 approval void. If therr is any impact - i will skip her H4 extension and just continue with her new H1 petition. Please help me out with this.
  11. khandoba1986

    Join Employer B while on Leave with Employer A

    does this any where create a scenario of dual employment during H1 ?
  12. khandoba1986

    H4 to H1

    Hi, I have applied for H4 to H1 for my wife and recently got her H1 receipt. I am tracking her status online. It says.. Name Was UpdatedOn April 28, 2015, we updated your name for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC1514650281. If you move, go towww.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Question - > I have never heard of this status for new H1 B petition, Could someone please help understand what this status could possibly mean. Thanks.
  13. khandoba1986

    H1 Transfer immediate help needed

    Hi Jairichi, Could you please help with the last question. Thanks,
  14. khandoba1986

    H1 Transfer immediate help needed

    Yes Jairichi, Employer B is my preference. One last question. If there is a gap in between Employer B transfer Denial and joining Employer C joining date. will I be out of status. Say Employer B transfer gets denied on 29th May and i am joining Employer C on 8th June, Am i out of stats from 29th May till June 7th. Will this be a legal issue. Please let me know. Thanks
  15. khandoba1986

    H1 Transfer immediate help needed

    Thanks Jairichi, Actually C's Petition is already approved with I94. Let me put it correctly. a) Working for Employer A. b) Got offer from Employer B and Employer C in March 2015 c) Employer C - immediately applied for H1 transfer and it got approved With I94 on April 8th 2015. d) Joining Date of Employer C is June 8th 2015. e) Meanwhile Employer B also started for H1 Transfer, and asking to join based on receipt on May 25th 2015. Question - Now if i join Employer B on March 25th 2015 based on H1 receipt and H1 transfer ( premium) gets denied in 2 weeks, Can i directly go and join Employer C ( whose Visa is already approved in April 2015) . Without going INDIA for stamping. is it okay to do that. Do you see any legal issues with that. Really appreciate your help with this. Thanks.