OPT STEM extension RFE - E-Verify number is invalid-- Please advise


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I applied for OPT STEM extension on January 7. On March 17, I received below RFE:

"In order to be eligible for a 17-months extension of your employment authorization based on post completion OPT under the new STEM rule, you must provide USCIS with the name of the employer (as listed in E-Verify) and your employer's E-Verify Company I.D. number. If your employer is using a Designated Agent to perform the E-Verify queries , a valid E-Verify Client Company I.D. number must be provided. 

The E-Verify Company/Client Company I.D. number listed on your Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765) is not valid. Please provide USCIS with the correct E-Verify Company/Client Company I.D. number for your employer as listed in E-Verify.
NOTE: The required E-Verify Company/Client Company I.D. number is not your employer's tax identification number."

Can anyone please tell me if this is a serious RFE. Has anyone received similar RFE?

I checked with my HR and according to them the E-Verify number that I was provided is correct and valid. In that case, why did I even receive the RFE?
Please suggest me what documents should I provide as a response to the RFE considering the fact that the E-Verify number that I had provided in I-765 is correct. 


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