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  1. shekar11#

    F2 to H4 Change of Status

    Contact our employer's attorney and check. they will help you out.
  2. shekar11#

    H4 extension for family

    Your child should not have any issues. Application will be considered separate.
  3. You can check for dates and change. If you don't get dates then no harm in attending in 2 places.
  4. shekar11#

    H4 Stamping when transfer in progress

    They can use your approved petition.
  5. shekar11#

    Drop Box Eligibility

    You can answer the questions on the appointment website and it will determine our eligibility. Based on your question you are eligible.
  6. shekar11#

    H1b - h4 - H1b (urgent)

    You can choose option 2. Ask your employer attorney how to proceed.
  7. Contact your attorney and get it corrected ASAP.
  8. shekar11#

    F1 to H4 COS

    1. No, you cannot, Once your H-4 is approved you are in H-4 status. 2. Yes, you can do that. File COS to H-4 and H-4 EAD after May 17th as you will not have biometrics and process will go faster. 3. Just apply after May 17th 2021. You should get in 6 months.
  9. You can't do that. Should be a new appointment all together. Or your daughter can go separately.
  10. You will not be out of status. Just ask you husband's new employer to file your H-4 also.
  11. Yes, you can apply for change of status from H-4 to H-1 in premium provided her I-94 is still valid. Once H-1 is approved , just withdraw your H-4 and H-4 EAD applications.
  12. shekar11#

    H4 Extension during Covid

    You can also get extended based on your husband's extension. Just file both applications together.
  13. They can file in only 1 category.
  14. shekar11#

    Moving to new company, new I140 required?

    Yes, new employer can use company A I-140 and start GC process.
  15. shekar11#

    H4 to F1 While I-485 is processing

    3. It is not needed to apply change of status as her I-485 is pending. Check with your attorney once for 100% clarification.
  16. Check with your employer's attorney. They will know more in these types of cases.
  17. shekar11#

    H4 to H1B

    You cannot switch status now as your I-94 is expired. Contact an attorney for further options.
  18. 1) You can expect an RFE asking for case details. 2) RFE is expected. 3) No issues. You can have multiple applications. 4) You need to check with attorney for that question.
  19. She can quit the job once USCIS received the application. Make sure to hold on to the shipping receipt.
  20. shekar11#

    H4 Extension Processing Delays

    Right now there is a lot of delay almost around 12 months. Your application must be approved in few weeks.
  21. Yes, you need to fill preparing section for minors.
  22. shekar11#

    Case outside normal processing time.

    Your H-4 (I-539) application will be denied. But your H-4 EAD application will process and get approved when they review your application.
  23. shekar11#

    Both H4 extension and H1B approved on same day

    Best thing is stay in touch with attorney and see what can be done. You will not be out of status as your H-4 application was pending at that time.
  24. shekar11#

    USCIS receipt timelines

    As long as your application reaches before 5/31,you are good to stay. USCIS has already mentioned that there are delays in issuing receipt notices. So don't worry. Make sure you hold on to the fedex receipt.
  25. 1. Yes she can take your existing I-797. 2. Not needed. 3. Since you have stamping there should be no issues.