Pending i-485 for Dependent


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Hi there, Our i-485 receipt date is May 29th. Primary is approved on Oct 27th, TSC. EB1B. Still in 'Acceptance' for dependent (mine). Called USCIS. They told USCIS is processing applications dt Mar 26,2014. They just read from 'processing time' webpage. 

Anyway... I thought of raising request thru CIS Ombudsman. But their website says 'Raise request if you are above the normal processing time'. What can I do? Do you think, I can wait for some time or Since Primary is approved, can I contact CIS Ombudsman / Senators?  Pls help me.



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I contacted by phone. USCIS asked me to wait till they process my application. I dont understand what date they list in their website under processing times. Mine is with TSC.  First of all, its updated on September 30, 2014 and it says 

I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Employment-based adjustment applications April 2, 2014


I know for the fact that they have already processed May 29th application. Because my primary is approved.

When I said that they didn't tell me anything. "Your application is within the processing time. Wait" This is answer I get.   

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