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  1. indrale

    Not received i485 approval notice

    Approval notice (aka welcome notice) - I didn't receive it. Any one in this situation?
  2. Hi Experts, I am on my own H1B and 140 was approved. I am waiting for current date to file i-485. This is what my employer knows. But I got my Green card as dependent recently. I know that Employment verification form i-9 has to be updated with my employer. My questions are 1. How soon do I need to inform him? 2. What harm he can do me once he comes to know that I got the GC? 3. Can he withhold / reduce my salary by thinking that if he owe some money then I have to stick with him? ( because there is no written statement on salary between us)
  3. I got my GC, but didn't receive form i797 (i485 approval) notice. I am the dependent. Primary received both (approval notice as well as GC). I called USCIS cus ser. Rep told me that she doesn't know whether they sent it or not. But she told me that they will send separate approval notices for each applicants. Its been a month. Are they sending separate notices first of all? Anyone in this situation?
  4. indrale

    Pending i-485 for Dependent

    I contacted by phone. USCIS asked me to wait till they process my application. I dont understand what date they list in their website under processing times. Mine is with TSC. First of all, its updated on September 30, 2014 and it says I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Employment-based adjustment applications April 2, 2014 I know for the fact that they have already processed May 29th application. Because my primary is approved. When I said that they didn't tell me anything. "Your application is within the processing time. Wait" This is answer I get.
  5. Hi there, Our i-485 receipt date is May 29th. Primary is approved on Oct 27th, TSC. EB1B. Still in 'Acceptance' for dependent (mine). Called USCIS. They told USCIS is processing applications dt Mar 26,2014. They just read from 'processing time' webpage. Anyway... I thought of raising request thru CIS Ombudsman. But their website says 'Raise request if you are above the normal processing time'. What can I do? Do you think, I can wait for some time or Since Primary is approved, can I contact CIS Ombudsman / Senators? Pls help me. Thanks
  6. indrale

    Postponing Interview?

    I filed my EB1-B Category i-485 in June 1st week. My I-140 is already approved. But its not concurrent processing. But, so many guys filed in June got approved already.
  7. indrale

    Postponing Interview?

    Thanks Belle. I don't know why USCIS doesn't tell status on what they are processing. If not in daily basis, at least they can say every 2 weeks. Their 'Processing time' page last updated on July 31st. I don't understand one more thing. The webpage says TSC process 485 filed on March 3, 2014. But there are many people who applied in June 2014 said in track itt, they got approved. (Latest is June 15, 2014). How is this happening?
  8. indrale

    EB1 Texas Center

    One year.
  9. indrale

    Postponing Interview?

    Hi there, I filed my i-485 in June in EB1-B Category. I got my EAD Compo card 2 weeks back. But I am not sure when TSC is going to process my 485 application. Meanwhile I am planning to go to India. If I get an Interview while I am in India, is it possible to change the interview date? Has anyone done this before? If they can, how long will they postpone? Thanks.
  10. indrale

    EB1 Texas Center

    Hi There, I filed my 485 in June 2014. My priority date is in Apr 2014. When I checked 'Processing Time information for Texas Service Center', it says Its processing Feb 25, 2014 as on June 30. https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do;jsessionid=baczh1Rcz5hEs7RSn4xGu My question are 1. Is this Feb 25 petition - Filing date or Priority date? 2. I just got my EAD and AP approval. How long do you think, it will take for GC interview/approval? (Just your guess on time frame). I need to go to India asap. That's the reason I am asking. Thanks All!
  11. indrale

    Ottawa - Shared Accommodation needed

    Is Anyone in Ottawa looking for shared accommodation? Pls let me know.
  12. indrale

    Ottawa - Shared Accommodation needed

    I couldn't see your mail id. My mail is in my profile. Pls check and reply me.
  13. I got 221g in Ottawa today. I am not sure how many days it will take. If anyone wants to share Accommodation, Pls let me know.
  14. dkumar you are correct. You need to say client location only. (But ensure that your LCA also refers the client location)
  15. indrale

    Travel mode to Canada

    Thanks sthamago for your reply. I will think about it.