Start date with New Employer - Travelling to India between job change


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Hello Gurus,


I am highly confused and need your advice on the below matter:


I am changing employer from A to B. My current employer (Desi consultant) has filed for my H1 ext. (7th yr. with approved I-140) in Nov 2013 in regular process and my new employer (FT) will be filing the H1 transfer in PP. The tentative start date with B is 3rd March. But before I start with the new employer I want to travel to India, once i receive the approval notice. Now since my current employer's H1 extension is pending, my question is:


1. The start date on the application to USCIS should be 3rd March (eventhough I will not be starting from 3rd March since i will be going to India)?


2. Or it should be 1st April, which will actually be my start date after coming from India?


The reason I am asking this is because I have to get my passport stamped hence i need to carry the new employer's documentations when i travel to India, so in that case do i need to show that I've already started with employer B or I am going to start after coming to US? 


Based on your advice i will move forward so your advice is highly appreciated!


Thanks much in advance!

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