mismatch between duration requested on I129 and approval notice


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hi friends


company A filed petition as cap exempt to get approval for remaining 1.5 years as per I129 ( i had earlier used 4.5 years of h1b from 2007 through 2011) 

petition was filed on April 04, 2013 and approval came with validity of 3 years


1. is it possible that my case was considered subject to cap and hence i got 3 years validity ?


2. would this be an issue during stamping ? is there anyone else in same situation ?



request you please provide your inputs, would appreciate your responses.

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many thanks for your response


i had a discussion with petitioner, he told that it was filed cap exempt. even the USCIS cover letter and i129 details correspond to cap exempt


may be because it was filed in April and i have stayed outside US for more than 2 years, i was given 3 years


one more question please, is it possible to confirm if a petition has been filed subject to cap or not (apart from details on i129) ?

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