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  1. h12345

    H1B Amendment for work location change - RFE

    hi subbukns request you to please update, did your employer withdraw amendment or filed response? any update on your case?
  2. someone please provide your inputs to above queries
  3. hi there is an rfe to h1b amendment filed with following update. think we should be getting details of rfe details in a week or two. On February 20, 2014, we mailed a notice requesting initial evidence in this case. 1. has anyone else got an update with INITIAL evidence? what are chance of additional evidence after submitted required documents? 2. i am thinking to transfer my h1b as my employer is small and hire relatively less experience attorney. is it advisable to transfer my h1b while amendment is still in progress? members, please reply
  4. hi - currently working for client A from location A. - amendment filed recently for location A as there was change of location and work details. amendment for location A is pending for approval - my previous client B (worked for them in India earlier) is looking for me to work for them as person who worked moved out of project. - since i am already working for client A, i would like to work for them remotely from location A until the next person joins. 1. is it fine if work for client B and provide interim support remotely from location A? 2. does my employer need to file amendment even if work is only for few weeks ? please provide your inputs and help in this regard.
  5. h12345

    UNVA F1 TO H4,,,,

    just wanted to check if someone would break law if he took one or two courses from non-accredited university during weekends while on h1, think some of the courses are useful and help in quick understanding of a topic
  6. Hi Friends My wife (H4 applicant) is pursuing MBA from Sikkim Manipal University (Distance Learning) and is waiting for results. I have following questions regarding the same. 1. Do we need to include this institution in DS 160 as well? 2. Since she has attended most of her classes online, should she fill dates attended? 3. What should be the end date of attendance? Please help in this regard. Thanks in advance
  7. congratulations ... i would appreciate if you could tell if its through a small company or a big company
  8. many thanks for your response i had a discussion with petitioner, he told that it was filed cap exempt. even the USCIS cover letter and i129 details correspond to cap exempt may be because it was filed in April and i have stayed outside US for more than 2 years, i was given 3 years one more question please, is it possible to confirm if a petition has been filed subject to cap or not (apart from details on i129) ?
  9. hi friends company A filed petition as cap exempt to get approval for remaining 1.5 years as per I129 ( i had earlier used 4.5 years of h1b from 2007 through 2011) petition was filed on April 04, 2013 and approval came with validity of 3 years 1. is it possible that my case was considered subject to cap and hence i got 3 years validity ? 2. would this be an issue during stamping ? is there anyone else in same situation ? request you please provide your inputs, would appreciate your responses.
  10. hi friends i got my petition approved from employer B and got the approval documents. as per i-129, employer had filed petition as cap exempt and accordingly i should have got approval for remaining 1.5 years, but approval notice says its valid from Oct 2013 to Sept 2016 (for 3 years) i have following questions based on this information 1. is there any issue with my case, should i be worried about this ? 2. is it possible that my case was considered as subject to cap since i had been out of US for more than a year (20 months) ? please provide your thoughts waiting for your response
  11. think you would get only remaining 3 years ... if h1b was applied after one year of stay outside US, you could have got 6 years ... please check once with your attorney ... members please confirm
  12. hi freinds i am planning to take a part time job with no benefits (insurance, ppf, etc) as pay package is very high 1. would it effect h1b petition in case petition is filed while working part-time 2. what to mention in employer's name - should one leave it blank or mention name of company where part time work is being performed request you to please provide inputs/ links
  13. Thanks for your responses ! Employer B told that there are few openings which require joining after couple of months, so filed for transfer instead, not sure if he telling the truth, i had been on h1b for 4 years 3 months earlier from 2007 through 2011 will plan to work with any employer from whom i am able to get visa, if i get it from both then would prefer to work with Employer A
  14. request you to please provide responses if my petition NOT subject to cap from Employer B is approved this month, can i still get fresh 6 years with Employer A subject to cap? ( i have stayed outside US for more than 365 days) please help