Anyone Applied Canada Visitor Visa around March 11th and got their passport back?


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I applied for Canadian Visitor Visa and they received my application on 11th March. I got to know that they cashed my MO on 18th March but I have not got my passport back yet. Is there anyone else in a similar situation as mine?

Really worried as I have my H1B visa interview on 23rd April.


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Bids23 - They received my application on March 13th. I haven't heard back too. I applied through an agent at the Canadian consulate at LA. I heard the delay is due to the consulate being audited. Did you apply to Los Angeles? Online or mailed?

There was another post in which a person said he applied on March 8th and got his passport back on March 27th. The time difference between yours & his application date is just 1 day. I guess then the audit news is true, or else, why would it take more than 12 days(counting from Mar 27th) to process yours!

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I have also applied for Canada TRV on Mar 4th In Person in NY and still waiting for the Passport.

Can i withdraw my application now as i have an emergency and i need to go to my home country.

I have couple of questions:

1) What happens if i withdraw my application, will there be any bad remark/impact when i try to reapply for TRV to Canada??

2) Will i have any issues in the future if i withdraw and will it impact me in anyway in the immigration matters when travelling to any other country or Canada in the future.

Appreciate your help.

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My mail application package was received by LA consulate on 22nd March. Still no action. My money order is not cashed yet. Its frustrating because we have two pieces of information (15 days vs Minimum 30 days)

And that's why @karthikrun, I don't think you are going to get any reply back from LA consulate till 30 days are passed. I am in same boat too.

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