F1 to H4 Documents


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Hi Friens,

I am on OPT and is expire in end of June. I am planning to apply for H4 from F1. Do we have to submit the details of OPT employment and its pay stub?

I also want to confirm the documents required to convert F1 (OPT) to H4.

1. I 539

2. H1b: Last Pay stuff (1 months or more?)

3. H1b: H1b Approval letter and its I-94

4. F-1: I-20 (Last or all I-20? I have Five I-20)

5. F-1: OPT Card

6. Marriage Certificate


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Hi Friend,

Most of the people has filed H4 COS in usa and they currently active in this forum but no one is interested to reply/response. Only interested to get reply/response.

Keep in mind "if you response or reply (If you know the answer), you will get the same.


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