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  1. Hi, I have approved I-140 from employer A then I changed the employer B but didn't transfer my I-140. Now I am planing to change employer C with H1b and I-140 transfer. My 6 year H1b period is going to end in April 2017. After April 2017 I can change employer D or do I have to stay with same employer C till I get my GC? Will I be able to renew H1b with employer D as it would be more than 6 years? Thanks
  2. dreams11

    H1B - maternity leave

    TY jairichi.
  3. dreams11

    H1B - maternity leave

    Thanks all for the help and response. I contacted my HR department, they are informing me to fill out the disability form. I am confused as to which state form I should fill. I am working in NY and living in NJ. As per my W2, NJ state taxes are getting deducted from my paycheck. Appreciate your assistance. Thanks again
  4. dreams11

    H1B - maternity leave

    Hi, I am on H1b visa and going on maternity leave soon. I got information that H1b workers are also eligible for maternity leave benefits from employer or state. Can anyone please share their experience, the process for applying or any related links/information for the same? Thanks
  5. dreams11

    I-797B - Employer Cancel H1b

    pontevecchio @ I was travel outside USA during H1b application was pending wiweq@ yes this is my first H1b but Valid From May 7, 2015 to Jan 31, 2017. Its not Oct 1, 2015 thanks all....
  6. dreams11

    I-797B - Employer Cancel H1b

    I received I-797B (H1b Approved till 2017 but COS Denial). I am not in the situation to travel for 4-5 months out of US for COS from H4 to H1b. Employer says he will drop my H1b if I don't travel and get H1b stamp and in future I have to wait for April to file H1b. IS IT TRUE? This is my first H1b which is filed on April 2014. Thanks
  7. dreams11

    H4 Expire & H1b Pending

    My H4 visa is valid till Jan 31, 2015. I have filled H1b (Pending) in April 2014. Company has replied to RFE in Nov 2014. 1. If I file H4 extension do I lose H1b which is pending? 2. If I wait for H1b decision, Approved "Good"... but if its denial then I can file H4 extension with expired H4 (After Jan 31, 2015)? Thanks
  8. dreams11

    F1 sponsor

    Thanks jairichi and JoeF for the response.
  9. dreams11

    F1 sponsor

    Hello friends, I am on H1b visa since 3 years. My brother is applying for F1. Can I sponsor him for F1 or its better if someone from India sponsors him? What are the pros and cons for the same? Thanks all...
  10. dreams11

    H4 visa interview experiences

    I also have same question.... I am on H4 and did Masters in US and work OPT (Paid & Unpaid)... What are the documents they ask... Please share your experience... Thanks in advance.
  11. dreams11

    DS160 - previous employment details

    If we work voluntary on OPT still we need experience letter or proof of work during stamping?
  12. Congratulation.... What should I say when VO ask below question? I also have Approved I-140 filled by employer. 1. What is your future plan? 2. Do you want to say permanently in US? 3. Ary you planing to come back (India)?
  13. dreams11

    I-94 and Photo

    Hi I have two question regarding visa stamping in India. 1. Who will take my I-94 from passport? - VO at stamping interview OR - When I will land India that time during arrival stamp in passport? 2. Do I have to carry 50X50 photo? Thanks in advance.
  14. dreams11

    Submitted DS 160 later after scheduling H1 B appointment

    As long as barcode number is same... No issue...
  15. dreams11

    Visa approved in Calgary on 10/31

    Thanks upenther123, helpmeoutplz & Hardeepsingh83.