Employer is asking for a 3 year contract

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I came to US on F1 and then got CoS to H1-B this last October, and then started working in a C2C role via my employer for XYZ company, and I really love the work I am doing at XYZ. 

When it was time to issue the first paycheck, my employer asked me to first sign a 3-year contact with him. This is apart from the initial offer letter that I've accepted.  I immediately refused to do so, and it wasn't a pleasant conversation until I got my first paycheck. 
Based on my 15 years MNC career, he's not really been the best employer to work with so far.

For starters, my payroll never rolls until I ask for it, and its always delayed for no sensible reason. I even needed to get the pay on Zelle sometimes. And this is all in just the first 5 months. 

My employer is bringing this up again now-asking me to sign a contract. What do I tell him, and not land myself in soup. Please help. 

I am not at my best during any anxious conversations with him, and I am really looking for logical and legally right words to convey to him politely. 

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@Zodiac System Please can you give me an approximation of hiring expenditures of the Employer (most of it must be H1B processing costs). It'll help me in negotiating the contract with my employer if needed. I still want to do the right thing here. Also, I am aware of my employers gross earnings wrt my current job. 


Still, it doesn't justify why my employer sent an email ON my very first pay date, literally saying - "sign the agreement. Else I will not release your paystubs" (paychecks included), and without even discussing about this kind of agreement/contract before hiring. 

I had to do multiple follow-ups and argue over phone for 3 hours to get my first paycheck, which is by far the worst ever phone conversations of my life. 

I'd easily write a paragraph or two about the trauma I feel even coming back to this page and writing this content. But I don't mean to dawdle. 
Thanks for understanding. 

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It is very sad you are going through this trauma!

For good business practice, your employer should have been transparent with you right from the beginning itself about the high recruitment costs.   Recruitment costs vary for each company. 

If you inform your current employer that you have plans to complain to DOL for the unpleasant surprise he has suddenly thrown at you, he may actually release your paystubs.

Consult an immigration attorney regarding the contract.  You will also be able to file a complaint with DOL for not receiving your paystubs. 

You can find another employer (better to go by references of people who already work there) and transfer your H1b along with a copy of the complaint made to DOL, for missing paystubs.  Good Luck.

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