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  1. Zodiac System

    H1B extension - PERM/I-140 pending

    You should be able to file your your transfer/extension with new company using your existing I140 approval. Your existing I140 priority date can be ported to your new I140.
  2. Your I140 approved 3 years is still valid and you can import the priority date to your new I140. You should be able to file your H1b transfer/extension with your previously approved I140.
  3. Zodiac System

    H1B remote work (another state) during COVID

    Check your LCA. Due to COVID-19 many employers have started adding two locations (work and home) in LCA, as many contractors are now working remotely from home. If not, then an amendment is required.
  4. Zodiac System

    Can I change to a new client in within 2 months of joining?

    If you choose to work with client B, your employer will have to file an amendment to existing H1b with new LCA, for the new client.
  5. Zodiac System

    H1b Consular processing with existing Stamp

    You should be able to use your existing stamp.
  6. Zodiac System

    H1B & i94 Expired - Out of Status

    If you have an employer in US, he can file for your new H1b, using your previous approved H1b. It will be cap-exempt. and you can be back in US.
  7. Zodiac System

    Situation of a good friend -

    You can find a new employer and will be eligible for H1b cap-exempt.
  8. You have receipt notice of H4 which is good.
  9. Zodiac System

    H1B Visa stamping in Canada.

    Is there a way that my petition can be changed from Consular processing to Change of status? Contact your employer/attorney to file an amendment so you do not have to travel to India due to COVID situation.
  10. Zodiac System

    H1 layoff - advise please

    Friend can try options of going on H4 or B2 visa before 60 days or I94 expiry, which ever is earlier. 60 days starts from day of layoff. Employer withdrawing his H1b approval will not affect him.
  11. I think it is separate applications. Lets see what other experts advise.
  12. Zodiac System

    Query on Visa appointment cancelation and future options

    I understand that there is a travel restriction by Biden Govt. for 30 days due to COVID. It is purely for health reasons. If the US Consulate has called you for drop box appointment, I feel that you should attend it. Good Luck.
  13. Zodiac System

    Unused Unstamped Expired and Revoked H1b

    Get an experienced attorney. Some have found success using their previously approved H1b petition to file Cap-exempt H1b transfer.
  14. Consult an experienced employer/attorney. Many have found success using previously approved H1b approvals.
  15. Zodiac System

    Remote work after i140 approval

    Redoing labor is not required. Just amendment is good in your case.
  16. Zodiac System

    Consular to COS, Currently on STEM_OPT

    Under the circumstances, you should be able to file an amendment with change of status to avoid going out of the country due to COVID. Many stamping appointments in India are getting cancelled due to COVID. Consult your employer/attorney on this.
  17. Zodiac System

    I140 Approved H1B extension denied

    You are good. You can work additional 240 days from Mid June 2021 onwards, while waiting for your H1b extension approval.
  18. Zodiac System

    H1B transfer before Sep/ Oct 2021

    If you do not join company B, then by law, company B will withdraw your petition. Consult your employer A/attorney in case you want to transfer your approved H1b from company B to company A or continue with your OPT but keep in mind that company B will be spending thousands of dollars filing for your H1b filing and will not be happy if you do not join him. Good luck.
  19. Zodiac System

    Remote work after i140 approval

    H1b amendment would suffice.
  20. Zodiac System

    Query on Visa appointment cancelation and future options

    If your employer/client is OK with it, continue with your stay in India until ban is lifted and stay safe.
  21. Zodiac System

    H4 extension

    By law, Company A will withdraw your husband's H1, once your husband joins company B, which will result into your current H4 extension getting denied. Consult with an attorney on your situation.
  22. Zodiac System

    Change of Employer after I-140 Approval from India

    You should be able to change employer and get new H1b based on your I140.
  23. Zodiac System

    H1B joining on receipt beyond 6 years

    Check with your employer and their company policy on this. Some have joined on receipt.