Plan to change foreign nationality to shorten US Green Card timeline

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I am an Indian citizen and a Canadian permanent resident living and working in the US on H1-B. My US employer started my green card processing(EB2) and my I-140 is expected sometime in mid-2023.

Given how long it would take for priority date to be current, I am considering the following path to be a permanent resident of the US sooner:

1. Once the I-140 step is completed, I work for at least 6 more months with the same employer so that my petition is not easily withdrawable.

2. I move to Canada and live there for 3-5 years to work towards Canadian citizenship. Since India doesn't support dual citizenship, I'll have to surrender it to hold a Canadian passport.

3. I find US employer and have them apply for an H1-B transfer using my existing I-140 (Question: Is green card petition transferable across nationality change?)

4. Since there's no waitlist for Canadian applicants, my priority date would be current quite soon.


It is a complicated detour, but this still sounds too good to be true to me. Are there any assumptions I'm making in the above plan not valid?

Thanks in advance!!

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