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  1. newacct

    Parents Left USA before extension approval

    They automatically abandoned their Extension of Stay when they left the US. It is normal that it is denied. Their visa is not affected and they can seek to travel to the US in the future as they always do. They should bring the I-539 receipt and denial notice, and evidence of the date of their departure from the US, to prove that the first I-539 was filed before their status expired, and to show that it remained pending until they left the US.
  2. newacct

    Kid's EAD continuation after 21 yrs

    She is not required to change her status. At 21 she will lose H4 status, but losing status while her I-485 is pending does not affect her I-485. She can still remain in the US for as long as her I-485 is pending, regardless of whether she has status or not. Maintaining status might be a good idea if you are worried that the I-485 will be denied. She will not age out for immigration purposes at exactly 21. You have to do the CSPA calculation to determine when exactly she ages out. Her I-485 will only be denied if it is determined that she has aged out according to the CSPA calculation. Until then, her I-485 will remain pending. As long as her I-485 remains pending, she can use her pending-I-485-based EAD.
  3. No. Your son is a US citizen and is thus not eligible for any US visa. The fact that he is also an Indian citizen doesn't change that.
  4. newacct

    Can i apply SSN number using EAD card

    Are you talking about an SSN for you or for your son?
  5. USCIS no longer requires bridging extensions in COS to F1.
  6. No. The intending immigrant does not need to fill out I-864A for their income to be included in your household income.
  7. newacct

    N600 OR N400

    To automatically become a US citizen under INA 320, she must have been a permanent resident, under 18, living in the US in the custody of a US citizen parent. You did not become a US citizen until after she turned 18, so she could not have automatically become a citizen under INA 320. (I am assuming the other parent was not a US citizen.) She can apply for naturalization as an adult with N-400 at any time if she wishes.
  8. You remain a permanent resident even if your green card is expired. If you want proof of permanent residency in the meantime, you shouldn't need to spend money to file I-90 to renew your green card -- you should be able to get an I-551 stamp on your passport on the basis of having a pending N-400.
  9. newacct

    NIE-H1B w/ minor US Citizen

    If you are the parent of a US citizen who is unmarried and under 21, the ban does not apply to you and you do not have to apply for anything. Simply bring proof of your parentage of the child and proof of the child's US citizenship.
  10. newacct

    entering with New immigrant Visa

    Yes. The ban does not apply to immigrants.
  11. newacct

    Traveling to the US on B2 visa with US citizen kid

    Is your daughter unmarried and under 21?
  12. When you switched jobs, did you do Change of Status in the US (with I-129) and was approved? or did you leave the US and re-enter?
  13. newacct

    H1B out of status after losing the job

    You go out of H1b status 60 days after you left your job, or when your H1b expires, whichever is first. In your case, you go out of status around June 15. Any H1b transfer will need to be filed before then. If you fail to do H1b transfer by then, you will need to wait until you get your EAD or green card to work again.
  14. 1. Under Trump's public charge rule (which is gone), benefits received by your child are not considered for you. 2. Trump's public charge rule is gone, and under current rules, even if you received federal Medicaid (other than long-term institutionalized care), it would not be considered for public charge considerations. (Of course, an H1b or other nonimmigrant doesn't qualify for federal Medicaid anyway.)
  15. newacct

    I-751 related question

    Don't worry about it as you have already gotten the green card.