H1b, H4 & H4 EAD Extension


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Can anyone let me know how long it is taking currently to get approval of H1b/H4 & H4 EAD after applied(Premium Processing)?

In case if current H4 EAD expires before the extension approval, can I continue to work on until  renewal approves like in case of H1b?


Thanks in advance?


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H1B applied with premium processing will see action within the normal 14 days. Premium Processing will NOT expedite the H4 or the H4 EAD.

Right now people with H4 extension requests have been waiting 6 months or more just to get a fingerprinting appointment without which USCIS will not even process the H4 extension. And to make matters worse, the H4 EAD will not be processed until the H4 extension is approved.

You may not work with an expired H4 EAD......current rules say that you must have a physical H4 EAD card in hand to work.

***I know this is a very unfortunate situation but its the result of the last 4 years of rule changes that have made life miserable for foreign citizens. All we can hope is that some rules will ease up once the new administration takes office on Jan20.

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