Expungement Process for F1 visa holder applying for GC


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Dear forum fellows,

I would like to start the expungement process for a simple assault (DV) case that was dismissed after 16 Anger management classes and a 90-day no contact order. There was no probation time and no fine. However, I was arrested for 8 hours and finger printed.

I live in PA and all criminal lawyers here are not familiar with the peculiarities of expungement cases that involve non US citizens.

Can someone help me understand all documents that I need to safely expunge this record? I read I can also expunge in the FBI database?

If this has already been addressed in another discussion, can someone please share the link?

Thanks in advance!

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While it is possible to get a conviction expunged (and if the judge ordered things like anger management classes it was a conviction), for USCIS nothing is ever expunged. You still have to list it on applications.

And normal expungement is the same as for every other person. The law applies the same to US citizens and non-citizens. That's a fundamental rule.

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Did you not use a DV Lawyer in your case? If you did, ask him about possibilities of expungement and have him do the necessary. Yes. A couple or more thousand Dollars. But it may help in future for jobs etc. and the orthodox wisdom is that you should mention these arrests for USCIS purposes at all times. This is not a DIY project as it needs to be thorough. Do not go lawyer shopping for expungement. Use the DV lawyer who represented you.

Matthew 7:1-3

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