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  1. Noah Lott

    Shoplifting case impact for H1B stamping

    tell the truth...period....if you decide to try something clever the CO could easily put your case in AP for a long time
  2. Noah Lott

    B2 visa extension denied as a matter of discretion

    not likely likely possibly no
  3. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa - Travel during I-539 is in pending.

    The I 539 is kaput
  4. Noah Lott

    F1 visa cancellation

    The US prefers honest people to enter our borders, not those who ignore our laws and rules
  5. Noah Lott

    basic question on visitor visa

    nothing is required from you nor will anything from you make any positive difference...he must qualify based on his own situation, not yours...basically no job no reason to return, and thus, no visa...and no, merely having n alleged ill relative back home id not a reason to return (and how could one leave an ill relative just to vacation??z0aa
  6. Noah Lott

    2nd B-2 Visa Extension - To apply or not

    babysittin is time consuming
  7. Noah Lott

    DHS doing home visit for AZTech

    if everything is legit, why would you care? If, however, you are engaged with shady stuff, well, prepare your phony stories
  8. well, did CBP allow you to enter the US? NO...there is your answer.....instead of trying to play mind games with a CO (who can and will run circles around you), just put down the truth and wait for a clarification question(s)...I do not understand this tendency to play word games with COs...they have tons of info at their fingertips, they can set your case aside for any reason and will do so once you start offering up a bunch of inconsistent nonsense....they will not fall prey to your 'cleverness'...they will gladly investigate anything questionable and they do not care how long it takes, as their lives are not altered by waiting....just tell the truth...sheesh...
  9. Noah Lott

    Help required for Emergency Visa

    most embassies are not processing B2 visas and this is not an emergency
  10. our embassies are not going to open just for him.
  11. Noah Lott

    Tricky B2 Question - Please Suggest

    have her tell the truth, namely, that she is returning to continue providing child care for you so you don't have to pay a full time babysitter. The 'best' reason?? That would be the truth instead of trying to think up clever word games.
  12. Noah Lott

    i-130 for sibling

    an I-130 does not exist for a niece or nephew - only for: spouse parents siblings sons/daughters not nephews/nieces, cousins, neighbors, friends...
  13. Noah Lott

    i-130 for sibling

    you cannot submit an I-130 for yourself nor tinker with it...and besides, the wait time for a current PD will be years, not minutes.
  14. Noah Lott

    PERM Denial and Reapply

    absolutely, as your 'employer' lacks credibility and is now making up a new story.
  15. Noah Lott

    I-485 (AOS) rejected and next steps

    why not contact the agency who actually knows the answers to your questions..., namely, USCIS??