H1b Visa Stamping with Current Employer while H1b Visa Transfer is in Process/approved with Different Employer

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Hello Friends

I am Ravindra. I work as Lead Network Security Engineer

I got my H1B Visa in october 2018. In july 2019 I have transferred it to my New employer Santander. I have a travel Plan to go to india on November 24th 2019 and Come Back on December 24th 2019. I also booked the Visa appointment slots for Dec 9th & 10th in Hyderabad for Visa Stamping with Santander.

Now I got another Job offer which I already accepted with a New Employer and they are starting my Visa Transfer Process. They are going to put my start date as Jan 6th 2020 with my New Employer. I am concerned if this New Transfer Petition will affect my Visa Stamping that I scheduled with my current employer Santander in any way? Is it ok for me to go to india now or do I have to wait for my visa transfer to complete and then go? The reason i am posting is, this November my sister is getting married and I do not want o miss that.

Any help here would be much appreciated.




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Don't put you personal information in a public forum.

Ask your new employer start the paper work, but don't submit it until you come back and have your new I94 to avoid any issues. 

If not, travel after you get your new approval and go for stamping for new employer. But if you run into RFE, it will be delayed.

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As suggested by User099 you must not put personal details on public forum and being a Lead Network Security Engineer you would know about security.

Now coming to your point long story short, I feel your new employer want you to join Jan 6th. Try to postpone it my another week or 2. If not ask them to get ready with all paper work and you go to India get stamped and come back by Dec 24. After that new employer can apply in premium processing and you can join them on receipt. But if you get stuck in India it will be different story.


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