Vistor Visa denied for my mother


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Need some input from people here. My mother applied for a Visa extension via drop box and was called for interview. She appeared for the interview and they asked some basis question like: Why are you visiting, who lives in US to which she replied. 

Last time she was with us, she stayed for 7 months and we got her stay extended after filing with USCIS. I guess that is the reason why they called her for the interview. 

They asked for the approval paper of that extension and she panicked a bit and was unable to find that document in the folder she was carrying (even though it was there). They then told her that her visa is rejected and reapply again paying new fee etc. using INA law 214b.

She is an old person and I am wondering if we should reapply (how soon?) and this time make sure she understands and keep that paper handy. I don't want to give an impression by reapplication that she is desperate to come here which she is not. She had the earlier visa for 10 years and visited us only once and stayed for 7 months. Based on what I read around here CO might be thinking of a non-immigrant intent and a long stay to support that. The issue at hand is that my mother can't travel to US only for a couple of weeks and go back. It took us years of convincing for her to come and stay with us the last time which was 5 years ago. 

I know it is unfortunate and she should have known where that paper was and how it looked etc. I am just trying to figure out the best path forward here. 

In terms of family ties, her son is in India and the daughter is in US and is a citizen. Both mother and father are retired and they own a house in India. They have brothers living in India as well (not sure if that matters?). They did not ask about the son though to establish family ties at the interview.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Thanks @Noah Lo for your insight. That is what I figured. Could you please guide me how soon is too soon. Will a 6 month work or we need to wait may be an year before reapplication?

She is old and it is difficult for her to travel to Delhi for Visa. On the other hand, if you think they are not going to grant her Visa even after a year, we will chose not to reapply ever and make her travel to Delhi for no positive outcome.

The only circumstance that will change whenever we chose to reapply is going to be the availability of that approval paper that they asked for during this interview.

I understand it is kind of hit or miss but since you have worked in this area and guided so many folks I could really use your input.



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Thank you all for the advice.

Why would a CO think that daughter would file AOS after mom is here. If we were to file GC for her, couldn't we have done it while she is in India. I am not exactly sure of how GC for parents work, but my understanding in general for GC sponsorship is that a person does not need to be in United states for GC application. But I could be wrong here.

@Noah Lott Thanks again for your input. Her spouse will be in India while she comes here for visit. Does that prove a strong tie? 

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