Email to submit passport & 221g letter But No 221-g was given

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I had H1B interview on September 11 and my visa was approved during the interview. I was not given any slip or 221g.  But for 5 weeks my status was in Administrative Processing. Today, I received this email from Non-immigration Visa Unit saying that they want my passport, 221g letter and I-797 for final processing. The weird part is that my passport is still with the consulate and they never gave me any 221g letter. So obviously, I can't submit those 2 docs . I can only submit I797.

Has anyone experienced this type of situation? Any idea what's going on? Is this a just a communication glitch or they may have misplaced my case??

See below:

"IMPORTANT: If you are the principal visa applicant and you applied with your spouse and/or children, please submit their passports as well. As appropriate for your visa application type, please submit a copy of your I-797.
Dear Sir/Madam:
Greetings from the U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai
Please follow the instructions below in order to continue processing your 221(g) visa application.
We are ready for final processing. Please submit your passport, copy of your I-797 and 221(g) letter to the Consulate General via any of the 11 document delivery locations. Carry a copy of this email for ready reference.
Please visit for more information.
Please note that this email communication does not confirm that your visa is issued at this time.
Non Immigrant Visa unit."


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Today called travel docs customer support. I was told that If I was not given any hard copy then I can print the copy of this letter and carry two copies to the drop off location. Apparently, this letter and the email that requested docs can be considered as a proof that I was given 221g afterward. 

They are still trying to understand why passport was asked from me when their system shows that it is with consulate

Today, october 21, my case status date also got updated after Sept 30. However status is still AP.

No idea what's going to happen next. 


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