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  1. veni001

    Need advice on extension of stay

    #1. Apply online immediately.
  2. veni001

    Travel to USA on B2 Visa

  3. veni001

    Applying for OCI card

    If you are in US apply on Cox and Kings website
  4. Did you already request H1 extension equivalent to the number of days you were out of USA in the past 6 years?
  5. I don't expect CISF, if not, airline agents let them pass security check point. Not worth the hassle, general advice is to renew if passport expiration date is less than 6 month prior to travel date.
  6. Irrespective of proclamation 10014, any and all criminal offenses have serious immigration consequences.
  7. Unless you have an application pending with USCIS, you should select "No". Remember PERM is handled by DOL not USCIS.
  8. veni001

    Executive Order effect on H4

    No impact if one has a valid visa stamped in their passport prior to the effective date of proclamation #10014.
  9. veni001

    June 22 Proclamation

    You need valid H1 Visa stamp in your passport to travel to US, presidential proclamation prohibits issuance of new H1 Visa's by US consulates abroad until Jan 01, 2021.
  10. You can reject the pay cut, but remember the employer can terminate employment if the position is not affordable any longer.
  11. Providing false information to USCIS will be considered as fraud and could result in permanent ban from the USA.
  12. veni001

    N-400 - Bio-metrics Wait Times

    Why not file after returning from India?
  13. Try getting i-94 corrected at nearest CBP and then your lawyer can refile H4&EAD extension for spouse.
  14. veni001

    H4 to F1 after I-94 expiry

    Sure, if you were out of status prior to filing for H4 extension, you may have to exit to new i-94.
  15. veni001

    Applied for visitor visa

    Tell the truth! Immigration Officers generally don't issue visitor visa's for spouses of US citizens.
  16. veni001

    Visa revocation

  17. "Children under 18 automatically acquire U.S. citizenship if three requirements are met. The child must have U.S. lawful permanent resident status (“green card” holder). At least one parent must be a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization. The child must be residing in the United States in the legal and physical custody of a USC parent. In this situation, once all three requirements are met, U.S. citizenship is automatically conferred upon the child/ren by operation of law without the need to file a specific application requesting U.S. citizenship. These provisions apply to one’s adopted child/ren as well as biological child/ren." https://www.murthy.com/2011/05/27/derivative-citizenship-children-of-naturalized-u-s-citizens/
  18. veni001

    Parents GC Filed, can they travel??

    They are AOS pending, don't worry about i-94, and only travel in/out of US within validity period of Advance Parole.
  19. veni001

    H-4 visa application

    I don't expect ant issue but i would recommend to apply as soon as his travel plans are confirmed, otherwise there is no point.
  20. Best option would be, talk to an immigration attorney first. Good luck!
  21. veni001

    Oath Ceremony letter docs

    Assuming you received GC based on one of the Employment Based categories, you only need to carry Form N-445 and Original Permanent Resident Card ("Green Card")