Eligibility for my 2 chidren (under 18 age) living aborad U.S.A

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I am looking for some guidence regarding eligibility for citizenship application for my two children which currently live abroad the U.S.A.

Ill give you some background info: Im a U.S citizen since 2001 and Im the biological father of 2 children (Child 1: 9 years old; Child 2: 7 years old) they were born outside the U.S and now I want them to get their US passport so they can travel to the United States with me. The children and I currently live in a country abroad the U.S. Finally, my proof of physical presence/residency in the U.S is only 4 years but my father (children`s grandparent) is a U.S citizen as well and is willing to help with any extra info.

The questions that I have are; 1) What options do I have in order to achive US citizenship/passports for my children?  2) Under which section of law does my case applies? and 3) Is this something I can do through the U.S. Embassy here in the country that I live now?

Please, I would appreciate if you can provide me with some guidance on the right approach or the direction to be followed.

Truly yours,

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