DUI case 39:4-50 -- First time offense.


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     I'm on H1 B visa and unfortunately got ticket for DUI - case 39:4-50 and this is my first time offense. Police caught right near my home at night while in a 2mins I will about to park at my home. Police took me to near by his office got finger printed and then went to hospital and get the blood work done. Percentage is 0.13 % in the result. Ticket had court date to attend. Also at same time had ticket for incorrect change of lane, some school zone ticket etc.

Now my green card is in progress waiting for my EAD. Can some one please let me know how should I proceed for this? As never got such ticket. I'm worried about my job, GC, have family, my driving license etc.

Please any input will be help. I'm dam worried now.

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Get a lawyer ASAP and sought out your case. Do not handle DUI on your own. Try to get the case dismissed and not get convicted if possible by Plea agreement.


This is not a simple "Ticket" and you did not go to Police's office.. You got arrested. 🙂 Its a big deal and needs a bit more seriousness. Do not drink and drive.

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