H1B 221g third interview at hyd consulate


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I am on h1b for past 5 years and this is my 3rd time attending visa interview @ hyd consulate.

Actually i had a Dropbox option but later I got email to come for interview and got 221g white slip on July 3: vo asked regarding client and my employer details.

They took my client letter, h1b petition and gave white slip with 2nd box ticked and returned my passport to me; after 1 week my client got an email regarding verification of my employment to which client replied with all details.

Again on July 25 got email for reinterview on July 26. surprisingly same visa officer who interviewed me first time interviewed again with similar questions, this time the vo took my lca and passport and again gave the 221g white slip with 2nd box ticked.

Today Aug 23rd, I received another email to attend for a second reinterview on Aug 27th. I am not sure on what to expect as all the documents are already submitted. Can anyone provide insight into what to expect and also if anyone had similar experience.

Thanks in advance

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