Six year H1-B max out period calculation


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I am curious to know, if we there is any way where the most current H1-B visa time is more than the standard 6 year period. Say if by using the travel departure  history, the total amount of time spent in the US is calculated to see how much of the 6 year visa time you have used. But when you calculate that you see that the H1-B, I-797 show more time than the 6 years you calculated using the arrival departure record. Is this possible ?

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I just need to know my Max out date for my H1, please find below my details,

L1B - Entry date - Dec 31st 2006 -- Exit date - May 31st 2008

L1B - Entry date - Dec 13th 2008 --- Exit date - Jan 19th 2009

Fresh H1B Cap Petition - Entry date - Jun 7th 2014 --- Till current date

My organization says my max out date is Nov 27th 2018, not sure whether the max out calculator they are using has an error.

Kindly let me know my Max out date for my H1b.



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