H1b Transfer - Second got approved while first is in progress

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I am in a big soup. My company A with whome I had a valid petition and i94 for next 2.5 years suddenly terminated me due to end of the project and lack of availability of any new assignment.


guessing something like this can happen I already filed petition before my last day with company B , who filed under normal processing. As I was in hurry they could not get client letter but rest of all documents like SOW, MSA is there. I am also a US Computer science masters.


Before joining B I also asked C to file my transfer who is a US based company. In ract they took my document but was delaying over a month. 


I have joined B on receipt, with a serious threat that my current petition might get directly denied as no EC letter is provided.

Yesterday my petition with C suddenly got approved. I heard they filed in PP.

Please note my company A still did not revoke my petition and I am under 60 days still though have already started working for B.

My question is: 

A) Can I resign current employer B and Join C directly? B petition filing date might have been before C but B is still pending under normal process.


B) Considering I join C and B does not revoke application, will that be problem in future? 

Kindly answer as I want to be doing things legally.



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Thank you for your answer. So as my petition with B during initial period was in pending approval state when I started working based on receipt, is there any chance I would be considered “ out of status” when B revokes the petition sending USCIS the notification?

I hope it has got nothing to do with the bridge petition not yet getting approved while I am accepting job from third approved petition! 

Just an anxious question to ensure I am not doing anything unlawfully!!! 




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