B2 (Visitor) visa for parents


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Hello, Currently i am holding H1B visa. I am inviting my parents for a vacation (3 months). My father is retired and mother is home maker (never worked). I am sponsoring their visa. My brother-in-law is here in the USA on a J1 visa and my sister will be joining him soon (After my parents come over here or along with my parents) . Should i mention in the DS-160 about this? There is a section any immediate relatives in the USA. 

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On 3/17/2019 at 10:41 AM, Noah Lott said:

You will not be sponsoring anything....B2 applicants do not require a 'sponsor' nor an invitation letter....as to completing the DS 160, well, telling the truth is the best approach. Leaving out simple, critical details will have a negative effect on the outcome of an interview, as establishing one's credibility is the most important task for any visa applicant, especially for those applying for a B2 visa.

When was your child born?


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On 3/17/2019 at 8:38 PM, JoeF said:

There is no sponsoring for visitor visas. You may pay for their trip but that's not sponsoring.

A brother-in-law is not an immediate relative. Your sister is, though.

@JoeF   Thank you so much for your reply. Good to know that there is no sponsoring concept for visitor visa. I was in a wrong assumption. Thanks again 🙂

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12 hours ago, NanSam said:

@Noah Lott   

what do you mean by "when was your child born?". Offending kinda question... 

I am clearly stating that they are coming over for a vacation.  

Thank you so much for replying back. 

Nothing offensive about that type of question. Applicants can give a simple no/yes. You have to remember that many applicants lie or hide the truth to get a US visa esp B2 visa. Through word of mouth, I'm aware of numerous visitors who secretly work as neighborhood babysitters, tailors, food preparers.. and get paid cash while on a 5.5 month 'visit' to the US. Your parents may not have a grandchild but many, many other applicants aren't as truthful at the interview. 

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