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I have a question regarding child citizenship and entry into US. I will be taking the oath in a few days time. As I figured through your forum it says that my child who is residing with me (with Permanent Resident Card) will automatically become a citizen the moment I become a citizen.

My doubt is suppose I apply for my passport and get my passport and my family (spouse and kid) have to travel outside the US in an emergency; will my child be allowed rentry into US with a green card? Or he can only enter if he has a valid US passport since he  automatically became a citizen and he is no more a permanent resident.

Any clarity towards this will be greatly appreciated!

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Technically, he will be a citizen and has to enter on a US passport. But in practice, if he has a valid green card, he shouldn't have problems entering on it since the government doesn't know that he's a citizen. And even if the immigration officer suspect that he's a citizen, they are in no position to adjudicate his citizenship right there since it's a complicated issue involving things like whether the child is in your legal and physical custody. And finally, US citizens cannot be denied entry to the US no matter what, so even if they know he's a citizen, the end result would still be that they let him in.

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