Risky H1B Transfer with additional GC filing


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I am in a bit of a difficult situation:

my background:

degrees: econ bachelor / MBA

experience: 6 years ERP Admin

German citizen

Been with same company for 6 years


I have been with my current employer for 6 years, they sponsored both of my H1B visas and I did OPT there, however when filing for green card we kept running into dead ends.

I decided I would have a better shot switching employers. I found an employer would is willing to transfer my H1B and file for a green card. However, since H1B premium processing is suspended right now I would need to join on receipt without having the "right" education. I think, an RFE could be very likely. However, if we also file for green card at the same and the H1B processing and times are very long right now, I am thinking maybe I could get a PERM approved even if the H1B goes to RFE?

Thank you for the advice,



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