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Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your interviews, was really helpful. 
Yesterday I had successful visa interview at Ottawa Canada and this is my third visa stamping in Canada.
we went as a family. we both are on H1B  and my child is US citizen
our appointment was at 8:45 am, we reached there at 8:30 am, there are only two counters  both are ladies doing visa interviews. it was 10:30 am by the time we got to the counter #6 (Lady sitting).
same questions are asked for my wife as well in parallel. 
vo: Good Morning
me: Good Morning, How r u.
vo: good, how r u. and I assume your son is US citizen.
me: yes and yes he is US citizen 
vo: can I see your passport and H1B copy
vo: what is your highest level of education?
me: Masters
vo: Specialization
me: CS
vo: research based or course based:
me: course based
vo:  who is your employer?
me: *** solutions
vo: what does your company do?
me: software development blah blah blah
vo: what is your job title?
me : Application Dev
vo: annual income?
me: *****
vo: is your GC filed?
me: yes i have copy of my I-140. and we are reaching to give the 140
vo: i was just asking not required to see document
vo: said your visa is issued.. you will have your passport in 4-5 business days.
same questions are asked for my wife as well in parallel. 
no documents asked. Interview was a breeze. 
I saw ppl who are coming for extension are getting visa's. I saw some 221g's i think one case is from f1 to h1b conversions or lack of documents. they are looking for documents thoroughly.
now we are waiting for our passports to dispatch. 
The only thing about Ottawa is it is very cold and as per the visa appointment we have to arrive 15 mins prior and they will allow us inside 2 mins before our appointment and we have to stand outside in cold. It is very hard with infants and toddlers. 
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