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  1. pavan_avnr

    Non-Immigrant Medicaid Question

    I have question regarding impact on my non-immigrant status which is h1-b extension and green card processing. I am a full-time employee under h1b. We recently got blessed with baby 12/06/2019. Due to postpartum and newborn emergency could not enroll my child for insurance under me. Therefore she got subjected to 90 day wait period and now approved to have insurance from may 1st 2020. Meanwhile due to the gap someone suggested to have her insurance under MI child care. And we applied and she got approved retroactive to 12/01/2019. We just learned today that it is Medicaid insurance and as we are non-immigrant parents applying for out US citizen child our future h1-b extension and green card gets impacted. Is this true. Your knowledge in this matter is highly appreciated. Please help us.
  2. pavan_avnr


    Passports shipment notice received Thursday afternoon. and we got our passports on Friday.
  3. pavan_avnr


    How long it will take to get the passport dispatched? any insight??
  4. Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your interviews, was really helpful. Yesterday I had successful visa interview at Ottawa Canada and this is my third visa stamping in Canada. we went as a family. we both are on H1B and my child is US citizen our appointment was at 8:45 am, we reached there at 8:30 am, there are only two counters both are ladies doing visa interviews. it was 10:30 am by the time we got to the counter #6 (Lady sitting). same questions are asked for my wife as well in parallel. vo: Good Morning me: Good Morning, How r u. vo: good, how r u. and I assume your son is US citizen. me: yes and yes he is US citizen vo: can I see your passport and H1B copy vo: what is your highest level of education? me: Masters vo: Specialization me: CS vo: research based or course based: me: course based vo: who is your employer? me: *** solutions vo: what does your company do? me: software development blah blah blah vo: what is your job title? me : Application Dev vo: annual income? me: ***** vo: is your GC filed? me: yes i have copy of my I-140. and we are reaching to give the 140 vo: i was just asking not required to see document vo: said your visa is issued.. you will have your passport in 4-5 business days. same questions are asked for my wife as well in parallel. no documents asked. Interview was a breeze. I saw ppl who are coming for extension are getting visa's. I saw some 221g's i think one case is from f1 to h1b conversions or lack of documents. they are looking for documents thoroughly. now we are waiting for our passports to dispatch. The only thing about Ottawa is it is very cold and as per the visa appointment we have to arrive 15 mins prior and they will allow us inside 2 mins before our appointment and we have to stand outside in cold. It is very hard with infants and toddlers.
  5. pavan_avnr

    H1B Transfer Question

    Hello Friends, I'm with Employer A on H1B and they filed my H1B extension on regular process on oct 2016 and I'm still waiting on the decision from USCIS. Today I got client notice that my project is going to end. I found some opportunities and they are asking to move to their W2. Can I move to Employer B and ask them to file New H1B with out waiting on the decision on Employer A H1B extensions application. And my 6 years cap will expire in jun 17 and I have a approved I-140. Please advise. Thanks you all.
  6. @kred2 here is my visa experience. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/60910-visa-approved-in-vancouver-ec-model/?hl=vancouver
  7. @mansamf Thanks But nothing is showing up in the Loomis website. @Srikalyan No updates in CSC Visa info on the Loomis way bill number.
  8. I just checked the status tracker __https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx and it shows Visa issue. waiting for Passport.
  9. Hi All, I had Visa interview at Vancouver Canada on July 29th Monday, My visa got approved and now I am waiting for Passport. I did not get any email from Loomis or waybill number in US VIsa info. How many business days will it take to get the Passport? any one in the same situation. Thanks!
  10. Congrats! Did you received any notification from Loomis on passport pickup? i had my interview yesterday and got approved. Want to know how long will it take to get update on passport pick up. thanks!
  11. pavan_avnr

    Visa Approved on July 29th @ Vancouver

    Congrats. Any updates on your passport? I did not get any notification on my passport pick up.
  12. pavan_avnr

    Visa approved on July 29 - Vancouver

    Congrats. Any updates on your passport? I did not get any notification on passport pick up.
  13. pavan_avnr

    visa approved in Vancouver EC model

    When I provided my PO as end client proof, in the PO the end date of project is mentioned as 12/31/2013. So VO asked me what if the Project is end with your end client in other words what if the client is not extending your project. ME: My answer was my Employer has in - House project, and they will assign me to a new project.
  14. Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your interviews, was really helpful. today I had my interview at Vancouver Canada. my appointment was at 10:30am, i reached there at 10:15am, it was 11:30am by the time i got to the counter #5 (Old Lady) in 20th floor. vo: Good Morning me: Good Morning, How r u. vo: good, how r u. me: good. (handed over my passport) vo: oh H1, its gonna take a long time. we have to do lot of verification. me: ok. vo: so you did your masters, which university? me: ABC University. vo: when did you graduate. me: dec 2008 vo: which univ are you grad from? me: abc.... vo: you came to US to that univ? me: no I came to xyz in NY and moved to abc in Chicago vo: what is the reason? me: cost of living and commute vo: XYZ NY univ is good one and ABC univ in Chicago is public univ not bad... atleast you did not moved to East coast UNIV vo: when did your h1 start? me: Feb 2011 vo: who is your employeer me: XYZ inc vo: when did you joined this company? me: Jan 2013. vo: from Feb 2011 - Jan 2013 your with diff emoployer me: yes... ABC company vo: what's the reason for change of employer me: better oppportunity and better pay. vo: how many employers are there in your current company? me: 80 vo: how many are on H1? me: 3 vo: wow... what about remaining? me: Citizens and GC vo: are they all do Consulting or inhouse? me: some are consulting and some do inhouse vo: how many people are working with you from your company in your project? me: 8 including me vo: she asked for End client letter me: i do not have end client letter because my client will not provide client letter vo: sorry but I need to see some proof. me: i showed client email, badge, screenprints, photos, appreciation emails. vo: I cannot accept this as end client proof me: i showed Purchase order. vo: she looked at the PO and said I need something like this.... lets see... your PO says the project is till 12/31/2013. what after this project? me: When I started working for this client back in 2010 they gave PO for 6 months and then on it was extended yearly and My project will extend yearly I am pretty sure my project will extend for 2014 also. and I am carrying all the docs related to project extension. vo: what if the project is not extended with your client? me: my employeer has inhouse. vo: that's good vo:let me see your paystubs me: passed on the paystubs vo: what is pay like? is it bi weekly or flat? me: biweekly vo: do you get any bonus for OT? me: yes vo: that's good you got paid. vo: let me see your LCA me: handed over the LCA vo: she verified Petitioner address, client address and my home address vo: how many days you work at client location and how many days in petitioner address? me: 4days at client one day at Petitioner vo: your visa is approved you can collect your passport at loomis. (she gives me some paper and says, when you are working in US you should know your rights and hand book) interview ended around 11:50 or 11:55 am Good luck!
  15. pavan_avnr

    Visa Date is on July29 @ Vancouver