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  1. Hi, My wife's current H4 EAD Adjudication is pending with USCIS for 80+ Days. My employer is about to file my H-1B + H4 extension. Will concurrent filing of H1+H4+H4-EAD have any impact to the existing H4-EAD Application leading to rejection? Thank you.
  2. My wife's H4-EAD application is pending with USCIS and my employer is planning to apply for my H-1B / H4 extension. Is it good to apply for H4-EAD application as well to get the new end date along with the petition while the previous H4-EAD application is pending?
  3. ImmiCheck

    H1-b FY 2020

    Hi Roma, When did you receive your notice from USCIS about the selection ?
  4. ImmiCheck


    I am interested to know the # of days to collect your passport. Pls respond when you get a moment.
  5. ImmiCheck

    H1b visa stamping in Calgary, Canada

    Hi, I have scheduled Visa appointment in Calgary for March 1st. Anyone going?
  6. ImmiCheck

    H1 Visa availability Dates in Canada

    Hi, Please update Visa appointment available Dates in Canada preferably Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary? Thanks,
  7. ImmiCheck

    I-140 Priority Date Recapture issue.

    Hi, I have an I-140 with my old employer under EB3 category. My current employer applied my I-140 under EB2 category however the Priority Date was not recaptured though the approval notice contains the same Alien # (or A#). Attorney has mailed the correction request to USCIS however not received any update on it. Did anyone have similar experience? Please advise what to do to get the old priority date ? Thank you
  8. ImmiCheck

    I-140 PD change request not approved yet

    Thiyagu_Sundaram - Thank you very much for your post. I'm in the same boat however not received the letter from USCIS for my amendment request. How long it took for you to receive the amendment letter from the requested date?
  9. ImmiCheck

    Visa approved April 9th @ Calgary

    Please update this group after you receive the Passport. It will help us to plan our travel.
  10. ImmiCheck

    Visa approved April 9th @ Calgary

    Congrats. I want to book my tickets and curious to know the # of days it would take to receive the Passport.
  11. Hello All, I entered JFK in July, 2013 and was informed to check online to get my I-94 after couple of days. I have been trying since 1st week of August however unable to retrieve my I-94. JFK CBP Representative is able to view all my information in CBP site and tried to retrieve the information through CBP external website (like us) and getting the same error message as mine - Admission (I-94) Record Number: Not Found Did anyone experience this issue? Please share your experience / guidance.
  12. I have submitted my Passport with the Amended Visa Petition document requested in 221(g) Blue form (second request). It has been 9+ weeks and no response from the Chennai Consulate. However, my Passport is still with the Consulate. Has anyone submitted the Passport and waiting for 9+ weeks? Why is it taking too long? Is there anyway to follow up other than calling VFS? Consulate Location: Chennai Interview Date: 08/29/2011 (Aug 29th) Case Details: Masters in US and first H-1B Stamping in India. Initial Petition was based on internal project and after working for an year started working in client place with just LCA change First 221(g) details: Petitioner Documents, LCA, Bank Statements and Pay Slips Documents submitted with Passport: 09/22/2011 (Sep 22nd) Passport Return Date: 09/26/2011 (Sep 26th) Second 221 (g) details: Submitted documents were returned asking for Amended Visa Petition document on 10/21/2011 (Oct 21st) along with LCA, Bank Statements and Pay Slips Documents Resubmission Date with Passport: 12/7/2011 (Dec 7th)
  13. ImmiCheck


    Mine is 221g Blue case with Passport. It has been 8+ weeks now. @vijaisekar: Did you submit your passport as well? Did you consult any attorney to know the reason for this delay?
  14. ImmiCheck

    221G Tracker

    Employment Model: EC Consulate: Chennai Interview Date: 08/29/2011 221G Color: Blue Common Name: No Documents Requested: Yes Doc Submission Date: 09/22/2011 Email Received Date: N/A Online Case Updated: NO Visa/Passport Received/Rejected: No Current Total Time: 26 days Comments: My passport was returned with another 221g Blue slip with 'Additional Administrative Processing' on 09/27/2011
  15. Hi All, I submitted my docs and got my Passport back with 221g Blue slip circled with 'Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can me made. This office will contact you once this administrative processing is complete'. Please find below my details. Interview Date: 08-29-2011 Doc Submission Date: 09-22-2011 Passport Return Date: 09-26-2011 Please update this forum, if you receive any email to submit your Passport.