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I am working here on H1B, my father is still working in India for Government Judiciary, my mom is a housewife and my sisters are unmarried, one is still finishing her studies and other one done her graduation (not willing to work either in India and here).

I am in my 6th year of H1B expiration and before it expires, I am planning to invite all of them for a temporary visit to look around places during summer time.

My father government judiciary organization approved his leaves to visit USA and they don't have any issues with him or his family visiting USA.

Now, I am planning for a Visitor/Tourist visa interview for my father, mother and my two unmarried sisters. Can someone please suggest how should I proceed to have better chance of getting a temporary visitor visa B1/B2 for all?

Some people suggest they should appear for visa interview all together, some suggests - my parents go first and then sisters,  and some suggests my sister go first and then parents?

Very confused. . .  

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On 2/11/2018 at 0:21 PM, pontevecchio said:

They should all go together. If you let them do the planning on their own after looking at the site, their chances of getting the visa are high as opposed to coaching them about what they can expect.

Thanks for the response.

If I pay for the trip for all of them and mention it on DS-160, will there be any problem?

secondly, on DS-160, there are some questions like "Relation" to "who is paying for this trip", there is no option for siblings, should "other relative" can be selected as I am paying for my sisters too?

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On 2/19/2018 at 11:21 AM, Noah Lott said:

If you try the 'divide and conquer' strategy, that is, first send the parents to apply, then have the sisters follow, the COs won't take kindly to that attempt to divert their attention. When the sisters show up, 'suddenly' having decided to travel with their parents, do not be surprised if that turns out to be expensive....they should all attend together, though they may well be interviewed separately.

The sisters will have to qualify on their own. How old are they, BTW?

Single young women of age to be married are not statistically the strongest B2 candidates for reasons that everyone can easily imagine. And, their collective track record of compliance with the terms of a  B2 visa speaks volumes. not try to 'outwit' the COs with some seemingly clever scheme to dull their senses....if you encounter one whose senses are running at peak efficiency (speaking of my own experience of more than 20 years), you will quickly discover that your plan will be exposed and taken apart and then perhaps no one gets a visa....and...their credibility will have taken a big hit for future applications.

COs are not the dumbest people in the world....many with a few years behind the windows have heard and seen just about every variation of stories designed to elicit sympathy or take their eye off the ball....a good CO should never issue a visa based on sympathy. 

Same holds true for the B1 applicants with their oft told stories of badly needed training (though no one else in their 'company' has ever had to take said training) or the ever popular 'requirement gathering.' Just semantics. One can easily 'gather requirements'over the phone or Skype; one does not need to travel thousands of miles for such gathering. 

Anyway....bottom line...don't play games with the COs...

Hi Noah,

Not a strategy, this is what some were suggesting which doesn't look right - hence asked here. I have booked the appointment all together and they are soon appearing together for interview. 

Now, what supporting documents young and unmarried needs during visa interview specially when they are accompanying with their parents? 

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You can pay for the trip if you want. You can have them pay since airfare from India is significantly cheaper and give them the money involved. They do not look at documents in almost all cases where they approve the visa. They would want to see the SOL if you are in NY, Yellowstone if you are in that area and so on. The consulate is not doing them a favor. Let us know.

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On 3/21/2018 at 11:52 AM, pontevecchio said:

usually the "KISS" strategy works best. Keeping everything simple and short usually works far better than pontificating about the matter. Good for you.

The second S in KISS isn't for "short" ;)

But I agree that it works best pretty much always in life.

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