Travel to India while on OPT and volunteering for an Organization

Priyanka Dawar

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Hi. My OPT started in April 2017 and I am currently volunteering for a non profit organization. The nature of my work is closely related to my field of study. I want to travel to my home country in December(which will be 9th month of my OPT).  While returning back to the United States, Iwill have my I-20, EAD Card, offer letter from my employer and a statement from my employer stating that I was visiting my family. Is there any risk involved still  when I re-enter US?

Thank you!

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On 8/18/2017 at 10:11 AM, Priyanka Dawar said:

I again would like to clarify if it would be any issue if I don't have any pay stubs to show when I enter United States(since I am working as a volunteer). Thank you.

You need to have a letter from the voluntary organization describing your duties and also let them know they need to be ready to answer in case port of entry officer wants to inquire about your employment upon your return to US.

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