H1 Visa approved but EOS denied due to travel


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On 4/28/2017 at 11:44 AM, Conten said:

Hi ,

My EOS is denied but Visa is approved. I have my current I 94 till End of June 2017 . Can I file for I 539 in premium ?

any info is helpful. Thank you!

You can file I-539 for your extension of stay. But there is no premium processing for that.

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Thank you for the responses.  I plan to go out the country and come back . However we applied my wife's H4 extension and EAD too along with my PP application and they are not processed yet . Say , I come back to USA with my EOS extended , do you think that will lessen the chances of my wife's EOS and EAD being denied ? Will USCIS check on the updated info when processing my wife's case ?

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