B1/B2 "Cancelled" during L1b individual interview


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During my L1b Individual visa interview, the visa officer asked my why I was doing on B1/B2 for 70 days.
(That time I had a valid B1/B2 issued in 2007 and I had traveled on B1 in 2007 only. I also have an expired L1 Blanket visa.)

VO: What were you doing on B1/B2 for 70 days?
Me: Knowledge transfer for a project
VO: Asked me for my old passport with B1/B2 visa on it.
VO Stepped away for a few seconds

VO: Did you say requirements gathering?
Me: No, knowledge transfer
VO: No you said requirements gathering.
Me: No, I said knowledge transfer (smiled)
VO: Stamped my B1/B2 on old passport and said  I will have to cancel on account of misuse (if i heard him correctly) and gave it back to me. Your L1b is approved and kept my new passport. I didn't question him back and walked away.

I came back home and checked my client letter thinking may be my previous company had mentioned requirements gathering in client letter but the letter clearly said purpose of visit is to get KT on a project for 75 days. 

I remember not doing any "development work" during my visit and mainly interacted with senior members in my team on new project preparing notes and attending their discussions/trainings and watching training videos. ( I was given a laptop though)

Could you please let me know why he did that and possible consequences of the same on my future travels (US or non US) or visa processing be it b1/b2 or any other US or Non US visa?

Thank you,

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Thank you for your replies.

The stamp says "Cancelled" and not CWOP and that's what's bothering me.

During my last L1b blanket  interview, they didn't seem to worry about my B1/B2 visa. Why did they have to cancel it if it was expiring this year anyway and I had traveled only once on B1 in last 10 years?


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