N400 Interview Appointment Letter received for spouse, but not me


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My wife and I both applied for N400 together in the same packet in July 2016. We received our receipt numbers in next couple of days together, received the notice for the biometrics on the same day and also did our biometrics on the same day (Aug 2016).

My wife just received a letter for her N400 naturalization interview. However, I did not receive that letter yet.

Is this normal or something for me to be worried about?


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I had same issue. Me and my wife applied in April 2016. We both completed Biometrics on August 26th, 2016. Then my wife got her Interview date on December 8th, 2016 and took oath on January 19th. However I am still waiting for Interview date. I took infopass appointment and was told my application is pending background ckeck. I was also told that all applications are considered separately, even though husband and wife applied together. Also USCIS has no timeline for completion of background check as it is performed by FBI, so I am just waiting ....

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