I-797A form to F1 visa process, here in America


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Hey everyone,


I received the I-797A form which says that I am approved to get an F1 Visa.


Now, since I live in California, where do I need to go in order to get a F1 visa on my passport?


I am trying to go to the U.S consulate in Tijuana, Mexico since its the closest one, but they didn't give me any answers on what I need to do next.


Can anyone here suggest me on where to go for this and what the process for getting a F1 visa is like? what forms to fill, the length of the process etc.


Thank you in advance!



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Hello pontevecchio,


I've been an international student (F1) for three years now (last two years in undergrad and now first year of graduate school), before that I had a H4 visa and had to make a switch to F1 status. I have had the I-797A form for three years and never applied for the actual F1 Visa because I didn't have a need for until now. I have a current Sevis record and a current I-20 from my university and also a passport. 


Since I want to travel aboard now, I need to have an F1 Visa in my passport, but am stuck on where and how to begin the process of this.


Thank you for responding!

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