can somebody help me with my query

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Hello people, 

I have a US visit visa. I did not travel yet on this visa.  My brother who is a US citizen wants to apply for a greencard now. So my question is,

can i travel to US on visit visa with the green card processing still going on?

How long does the green cArd process through sibling take ?

in the USCIS website it shows may 17th 2011 as the current date in this category

This date indicates that it is taking 5 yers for the whole process unlike other websites which say that it takes 10 years for the whole process


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Family category 4, siblings of US citizens, takes over 12 years.

You need to check the monthly Visa Bulletin. That's the authoritative source.

Generally, it is very hard to impossible to travel with a visitor visa while an I-130 is filed.

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