B2 visa for my father with department criminal record


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Hi All,


My father is a retired government officer. He was  wrongly arrested and suspended for bribery charges about ten years back. FIR was filed , court case went on for 2 years and then he was acquitted of all the charges , his suspension was revoked.


Should this be mentioned in the DS-160 form Have you ever been arrested orconvicted for any offense or crimeeven though subject of a pardonamnesty, or other similar action?".


Parents are really scared about the visa interview. By mentioning "Yes" would this invoke more confusion during the interview. Can they reject the visa?  I have court's judgment order mentioning his acquittal.


If I say "no" is there any way for them to find out ?..  Any previous experiences and suggestions regarding this would  be very helpful to make a decision.






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